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First Nightmare in Years

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    I don’t recall how I got to this party. I was just there. The house was HUGE. The ceilings were vaulted. It was more a mix of a meeting, party, movie, and award ceremony. I remember I had a dress on of some sort and I was on this dance floor just talking with other people in my school. They were going around giving medals to different kids. I don’t know what it was for, but I got the higher medal of the two which was a different color. Then, no transition, we went from a small dance floor to sitting on bean bags on the floor watching a movie, can’t remember what movie, it doesn’t matter. (Probably 100 kids) The screen was huge it took up a huge wall that was like 30 feet high. (Again, don’t think that is important) and I was sitting there not really paying attention to the movie when I hear a familiar voice sitting in a row of chairs behind me (I was the last beanbag row). It was one of my favorite actors who recently appeared in my favorite show, Black Mirror. (That is real life my favorite show and in real life one of my favorite actors) I remember asking to take a picture with him after I said hi and he was with someone else so he said come back in 3 min. Easy. I went to go get my mom, who was in this HUGE meeting room with probably 50 other parents. I went to her (they were all just drinking, no meeting) and I asked her to please take a photo of the actor and I. She pushing me off as if I was embarrassing her and told me to shut up. I went to my dad and he always just agrees with what my mom says. I opened my Instagram profile and found that it had been hacked. I immediately started telling everyone to block the account and report it so I could get it back. I try to write a post myself about blocking the account but it’s deleted by the said hacker. It seems I have no power over my own account anymre. She types "I'm coming to get you, and comes to the house." I don't remember what happened after that but then the “party” transitioned to a political debate with two candidates debating each other and all this time, no one is listening to me for anything I stand up and beg my mom to help me with this hacker. The hacker threatens me with a knife so I run and call 911. I tell them I’m being threatened with a knife at xxxx Cardinal st. (MY REAL ADDRESS AT HOME) although the house looks nothing like mine and outside the neighborhood looks different. As soon as I call the cops and explain the hacker runs away but I watch her go into a house only one block from mine. I see what house it is and I tell them that I know her address so they can take her (at this point i am scared and alone). The police say if shes at her house, it's fine and don't help me. I go back inside and beg my mom to help me i feel like the hacker is going to kill me. she does the same thing and tells me to stop, as if it is not a big deal. I run to see if the actor is still there with hope in getting just one photo. He has disappeared along with the hundreds of people. the only people left are my mom and me in a dark unfamiliar house that is supposedly my own. at this moment i cry and i wake up in tears like BAWLING.

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