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What does this weird dream mean?

5 years 2 months ago #1 by Vampyra

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  • What does this weird dream mean? was created by Vampyra
    first off sorry for my bad english. I'm trying to describe and give many details as much as possible so please bare with me if some things don't make sense. I had many awful nightmares but this one was so vivid that it felt very real.It started like this: I was out and I  searched for a job and for some reason my mother was with me she said look at this flyer they're looking for a supermarket employee you should go and try it. I got there and I had the job interview there were two men dressed in suits they had a conversation as soon as I stepped in they looked very weird at me, one of them said you can start tomorrow. There was this pretty girl with greyish/white blonde hair and many face piercings she smiled at me and she carried a huge box to the office. After that my mother and I headed home. the next morning I was going to my first day at work. I was carrying a box full of waterbottles and It almost fell to the floor the girl ran fast over to me and helped me to move the box back up. I thanked her and she just smiled at me and said you're welcome. after that we both went to the staff room what looked like a basement. She did some paperwork and handed me some aswell. We talked about something, I can't remember about what but I really liked her personality she was so nice and sweet. Anyways she said I should go over to the next room and prank some guy (I don't remember what she told me to say to him) this is where it becomes really strange the room where I was supposed to go to was a big classroom full of students for some reason I had my phone with me. I said the things she told me to say and the guy just laughed and said oh yeah? She is dead. (not in a funny/playful way but in a "you really didn't know that?" way)  I just looked weird at him and said what do you mean. The guy said that I should look at my phone. The moment I looked at my phone it began acting weird it had scary glitches and I was trying to block everything but my phone wouldn't respond. Then I saw the girl that was working with me. Pictures and videos started popping up on my phone from her where she had cuts and blood all over her face and neck she looked like a corpse she said I am dead. I killed myself. I was so scared I screamed at the guy I said stop hacking my phone why are you doing this, the guy said she killed herself last year and I was so confused and I cried and said what does this all mean this can't be I was so scared I was about to have an panic attack. I could see her running to the room while crying she screamed stop this please leave her alone she said to me this is not true don't believe them. Then I woke up. When I wake up I always check my phone first and when I looked at my phone it was 05:55. When I think about this dream I notice something weird it was like I was the only one who could see her maybe that's why the two men looked weird at me? but this doesn't make sense one of them gave her a nod and smiled a bit when she came to the room,  and the students saw her too..? maybe im looking too much into this but I'm really curious what this dream could mean does someone have a clue? thanks for the answers in advance. 

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