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    So my dream starts out very nice and fun. I'm with my parents maybe my sisters too at this new amusement park. I know the owner and his brother. I run into the brother and talk about his brother's success and his thoughtfulness for providing him a new store and someone else a job or other. Most of that was irrelevant, other than the fact I was in a good mood.
    After talking to the brother, I go back to my dad, he's waiting on my mom to come out of the restroom. Someone I don't know--a woman around my age, 24-- is next to my dad, she happened to takes a photo of my mom when she comes out and warns my dad about something. I tell her to show me what she's taken and there is a weird distortion around my mom's photo. The stranger claims she's an imposter. We confront my mom about it and she tries to assure it's her but quickly admits that "they" killed and replaced her. Out of fear and frustration I tackle the imposter and have a lock on her arms. She mocks me as i ask her who she is and if my mom is still alive. I tighten the lock and her attitude changes-- she's scared. She tells me to let her go. I'm frantic, crying by then and I tighten even more. She toys with my heart when she calls me son and that I'm hurting her. I let go and wake up.
     Since we confronted her and until I let go of her, I already had a truth welling over me and it only got louder towards the end of it. "My mom's gone. If I kill this imposter, who looks just like her I'll never get to see her again. Can I live with this fake mom just so I can see her face every day still?"

    Needless to say I woke up crying, especially when picturing my mom's face (the imposter) in pain from me attacking her. 

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