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Dream about crush and english class

11 years 2 months ago #1 by Jeanene03

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  • Dream about crush and english class was created by Jeanene03
    So a little backstory:
    I am a freshman in high school and have a crush on this girl in my english class. She is sort of popular. I am friends with popular kids, but I am not really one of them. The only class I have with her is english.

    So the dream:

    So I am in my english classroom, but it is different. The lights are dim and I am in a big sleeping bag with my crush. We are both naked in the sleeping bag, but we are only really touching legs and playing a little footsie. Then the next thing I remember we were behind a little bend in the room so the teacher couldn't see. She started talking to me (I don't remember what she said) and then she kissed me on the cheek. Then, I straddled her and we were about to kiss and my english teacher called on me for something and I got scared and jumped off of her.

    Please help and let me know what on earth this could mean.

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