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My father killed me and or my dog

11 years 7 months ago #1 by N4N4

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  • My father killed me and or my dog was created by N4N4
    I had two dreams.
    The first one me and my father were arguing we both got so mad that my father started to get violent. He want into the garage and came out with his exercise weights tied together with rope. He swung it and it made a hole in the wall. He said he was going to hit me and I looked him straight in the eyes and told him to do it But that he was being stupid to only look at things in a violent perspective and that if he were to hit me I would either be dead or in be in a vegetative state, he would regret it for the rest of his life. It was right then that my dog started barking at something out side. My dad looked at me and growled that he was going to kill my dog. I love my dog and my dog is basically my child. I tried running after my dad but he was faster than me I reached the patio door and a herd a yelp. When I looked outside my dads hulking figure was walking back inside the house I walked over to my dogs body completely defeated and empty. I grabbed my dogs body and began to cry really bad as I hugged him I stayed there all night in my dream. Then I woke up and realized I was actually crying so I ended up crying some more and bothering my dog from under the covers so I could hug him.
    I fell asleep again
    Now my second dream was the same except I was able to outrun my dad, I grabbed my dog who thought I was playing I huddled over my dog in a corner an my dad got really angry he swung his weight things and it got me right on top of my head I heard a horrible crack. I saw my self die, when my dad hit me my head and my neck were broken but my dog was safe. I woke up scared this time but that was it.

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    11 years 7 months ago - 11 years 7 months ago #2 by pammap

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  • Replied by pammap on topic Re: My father killed me and or my dog
    Your dreams reflect some issues that you are having (or recently had) with your father. As dreams are expressions of our feelings about our waking life at the time of the dream, your dreams reflect some anger and frustration that you've been having with each other... resulting in emotional pain. The links to the following dream symbol definitions will help bring your dream into focus:

    dog (can be symbolic if it's not literal):
    dead body (your dog):
    can't run:
    can't get away:

    Based on your dream, you are clearly having a tough time with your father. The dream doesn't mean that he will kill you or your dog, but it does express your feelings about your mutual frustration and anger, as well as your feelings that he has hurt you emotionally. Your death at the end of the second dream reflects your sense of separation from him.

    In a calm moment, you might want to share your dreams with your father. He may have no idea how much his behavior and recent interactions have scared and hurt you. It might cause him to be more sensitive and hear you more clearly.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

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