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    I had a dream about my coach an I was in a huge building it was almost like a mall it was crowded with people then I heard a voice I knew all to well I looked over to were coach's voice came from he was so mad I have never seen so much anger in him it gave me chills down my spine he was yelling at the top if his lungs I am not sure what though I only was able to here pieces of it something about were is he going to go he cant stand to be near her.after what she did to him she left him for someone else an the guy he was yelling at he was trying to calm him down from making a scene I just looked at him an you could tell be was up set by it an he was hurt an heart broken from all of it it broke my heart to see him like that then my heart started racing an I was shaking just from watching him yell at the guy honestly he actually scared me seeing him like that but it also hurt to know that some girl did this to him to make him like this hurting him an breaking his heart I started feeling rage that she had the nerve to do this to him! To break his heart an leave what a bitch I thought to myself then I walked over to him I reached out my hand it was shaking as it got closer to him I grabbed his hand his had was huge compared to mine it felt cold at first then he turned to me thinking I was someone else he was going to start yelling at me but he stopped an took a step back looking at me I looked in to his eyes his whole attitude changed his hand got warm he wasn't so angry as he was earlier he relaxed an I don't know what came over me I said he could stay with me as long as he likes he took me up on my offer an I started to read his mind I heard him think I cant believe she did this to me after all this time telling me to stay with her friend that she sees everyday! Yea right like hell I am I rather stay with chyian......his thoughts got quite he looked down at his side an realized he was still holding my hand I wrapped my fingers in his an he held my hand tighter his hand was so warm an huge compared to mine we both blushed an I woke up after that

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