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Confusing dream..?

11 years 10 months ago #1 by misamisa

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  • Confusing dream..? was created by misamisa
    In my dream, my sister and I were at someone's house, they were a friend in the dream I guess, and they were very rich. My sister kept trying to steal their jewelry and at one point, she nearly got caught. I explained (lied) that she was trying the jewelry on and was going to put it back, which she did. We were then trying to leave, but we had to run through the house trying to escape the workers that were trying to injure or kill us. One I remember in particular was a cook that threw a butcher knife at us. We were finally escorted out of the building. When we were almost out, I realized I had left my headphones inside and was given permission to get them. After that, the dream switched.

    We were then by a small pool where some teenage mutant ninja turtles were relaxing and there was a younger turtle that was upset because it was his birthday and they wouldn't let him in the pool (that part in particular is very confusing). We then realized that there was a park not far and beyond the playground was an amusement parks. We went on some rides and then went to what appeared to be a funhouse. There was no one at the entrance to take tickets or supervise. At this point, it was my sister, my little brother, my grandma, my older cousin, and I. We hesitated just inside the entrance and while we waited, a girl ran past us and out the entrance in tears. I then realized that my grandma had started walking farther in the funhouse while we were standing (she often wanders away from us in stores, so this seems like something she would actually do). I followed her so she wouldn't be alone but right before I turned a corner, I stopped because I heard a girl screaming. Then a girl, most likely the same one that screamed, ran past me and her hands were bloody. I followed her and asked what happened and she replied "a stabbing". I then ran to my grandma and dragged her back to the entrance and we all left.

    That's when I woke up.

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