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Really just plain strange dream :S

11 years 10 months ago #1 by rachiieebear

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  • Really just plain strange dream :S was created by rachiieebear
    I dreamt I saw my ex from three months ago who I could never get back with he used to physically hurt me but we were talking normally only he’d plucked his eye brows like a girls. The dream suddenly switched and went on to me shopping, then the shopping mall turned into a scifi like building and all humans were trying to scramble to get together to fight off a zombie apocalypse then it went on too me being a wizard taking down Hitler who was secretly Voldermort. And me and a companion I had never met were being tricked on our journey to go to peoples houses and nearly killed one being as we went out of the house they unleashed a beast on us. Then here was a falling down metal scaffolding building with a child inside and I went in to get the child knowing I would probably die but needed to protect it, the child pulled out a machete and cut into my arm but I still clasped hold not caring it was going to try kill me, I picked him up held him close but one a few zombies encircled the house and one had a gun and I tried to put the child to the other side screaming for someone to save him but it was then shot and died in my arms.

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