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seeing HIM in the dream

11 years 11 months ago #1 by Jessica

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  • seeing HIM in the dream was created by Jessica
    I like this guy very much...and i've been thinking about him a lot i guess its normal that i dreamt about him...but still i just wanted to know whats the meaning of my dream

    In the dream..I just saw myself and him...we were just sitting in my bedroom..we were just talking about something...I can't remember what we were talking about...we were sitting on my bed...then after talking for some time he just leaned towards me and he put his head in my lap...I remember I wasn't expecting him to do that..since we're just friends in real life...coming back to the dream...after he put his head in my lap..I just started brushing his hair with my hands..and I kept moving my hands all over his face feeling his eyes and nose and his lips...the moment I touched his lips...he suddenly looked at me looking a bit shocked..and the dream just got over after he looked at me

    what does it mean ??
    thanks in advance :)

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