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Boyfriend and different guy?

12 years 9 hours ago #1 by Cherry

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  • Boyfriend and different guy? was created by Cherry
    One of my guy friends and I were at a camp. The counsoler sent us off to find something. It was a long hike so my guy friend said "lets lau down on this grass and rest a while. So I layed down next to him and he leaned in to kiss me I promptly said no. But then I double thought it and leaned in and kissed him. Then he asked me out and I said I can't I have a boyfriend. Then we went back to school and were sitting next to eachother during math class. Then two of my friends approache and said "you better have feelings for him!"

    I've been thinking about kissing my boyfriend a lot but definitely not this guy friend. I've like him before but not in 3+ years.

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