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Enemy and I get together??

12 years 1 month ago #1 by LizabethDee

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  • Enemy and I get together?? was created by LizabethDee
    So we were at our work at two different places that were close to each other. Suddenly we were wrestling at his job becuase he did something. By the end of it we were on the ground holding hands whispering sweet things to each other. All I remember was being extremely happy. He was about to get off too so he was going to walk me to my ride. I was about to go home with him because my car wasn't working, but my friends showed up and I went with them. He followed us in his car and we wound up at a picknic. We were being showed around the place when it suddenly turned into a paintball war. Somehow we escaped with out being hit too much. We walked out the door and rain was pouring down. We started to dance in the rain and then he started getting closer and he almost kissed me, but then I woke up.
    What does this mean? Do I have feelings that I don't know about? After my dream we started talking a lot more with each other too.

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