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Awkward Dream Of English Class

12 years 1 month ago #1 by Opossum

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  • Awkward Dream Of English Class was created by Opossum
    Okay I was in my english class and I had to go to a computer lab and on the corner of the computer there was a remote... (It looked like the remotes for the old Atari PONG.) and one side said Slow and the Other said fast and I was curious so I turned it as far over as it would go and Everyone in the room transformed into various creatures Except me and my girl friend who were changing just A LOT slower... Then all of these creatures/former Students cornered me and my girlfriend and attacked us... then I woke up...

    To me it's just kinda awkward that all of my dreams seem to always have a transformation in it even though nothing in my life has changed recently... and I always seem to die in my dreams even though i can't think of anything that involves death or a change in my life... it's just really confusing... Help please?

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