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missing a friend

12 years 4 months ago #1 by nickiminaj

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  • missing a friend was created by nickiminaj
    i had this dream about a month ago and i keep remembering it randomly during the day, which is very unusual for me. first my best friend and i walk into school late and we go to the auditorium, which in my dream is raised onto a glass platform that goes all the way to the ceiling. the principal is on the platform and is yelling about how someone in our school got pregnant (unlikely in real life). then suddenly im in my car and on the seat theres a sweatshirt that belongs to my guy friend that used to like me but now hes ignoring me and wont tell me why. i pick up his sweatshirt and see his phones inside, so i read his texts and saw a conversation with me to him. i walk inside a random house (apparently in my dream it was my own house) and he was inside. he burst through the doorway and started screaming at my for reading his texts, even though i didnt see anything. then i woke up. i never remember dreams but i always remember this one is it trying to tell me something?? pleaase help

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