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African Marrage

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    Hi Everyone,
    Could any of you help me with this please?

    I was standing on a long track in Africa, with my parents. They were congratulating me on getting engaged (I'm only 14) to a 'beautiful young lady'. I was then transported into a shack where a red tarantula made its way towards me, and I had to keep brushing it out with a woven grass hat. Next I was transported to a flight of stone steps, where a shaman was waiting to marry me. He gave me two wooden rings that were too large with symbold in black on them. He told me to take care of them, and that was it. I was married. I was in a suit and my bride was in a very complimentary dress. Nice sunset, 4 poster bed in holiday room in Thailand.

    Thailand is where my aunt went with her boyfriend if that helps.


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