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Tents? Help me out?

12 years 6 months ago - 12 years 6 months ago #1 by oohcrayons

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  • Tents? Help me out? was created by oohcrayons
    My dream begins with my friends, Chris and Catherine, and myself.

    (Catherine has been my friend for about 2-3 years, we've never been really close, but we talk quite a bit. Chris is a guy who I have just come to know just recently. I kind of just met him this year, and I've started to develop a bit of a crush on him. Here's the thing: Chris and Catherine had a "thing" or a "fling" if you will, and I have just recently come to learn that. It didn't last long I'm told and it's over, but i feel like everytime I try to talk to him, she gets in the middle of it.)

    Back to the dream. We are all in a large spacious room with blue carpet, big windows (It's gray and cloudy outside), and white walls. There are two tents set up, one right infront of the other, and various sleeping bags on the ground. I'm talking to Chris and I see Catherine sleeping in one tent. After I talk to Chris, we smile at each other, and I get into a sleeping bag, with a cold pillow, on the cold, hard ground. I roll over to see Chris and Catherine in the same tent facing each other lying down, sleeping. They are a good 5 feet away from eachother, but I decide to get up and leave, I feel sick and disheartened. I see Catherine smirk a little, and then my dream ends.

    It was a weird dream.

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