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    I was dreaming that an alien monster came to earth and was like enslaving everyone and eating them and stuff, but then i went to where it was staying.I was like heck yeah lets stop it but instead i was actually helping him kill everyone and enslaving them and shit.Then me and him started a whole argument and i told him no to mess with me or id kill him and then he tries to kill me and i start running but then i stop and start killing everything and everyone.Then after i killed everything in the world i "woke up" in another dream.I went to the restroom and like i knew i was dreaming i both  bur this time i just went with the flow and stuff.Then when i am done brushing my teeth i look up to the mirror i see 3 figures the alien that i had seen in my last dream,a little with a long white dress and super long hair covering her face,but the most scary thing was that the third figure looked kinda like me.He didn't have any eyes and had this super scary smile on his face i got super scared and fell down and then started screaming for some reason that i am not scared of it.and start talking in a different language and he just laughs and say that of course i am not scared of him because i am him that scared me.The weird thing was that while the alien was laughing and telling me this is karma and the demon like me was getting closer to me. All the while the little girl was in the bag and not doing anything for some reason though she scared me the most and then my dream look like it was being ripped by something and then when it was almost gone when i think the girl said a word in a different language and said see you later .

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