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i'm being burned alive

12 years 6 months ago - 12 years 6 months ago #1 by cskodo0675

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  • i'm being burned alive was created by cskodo0675
    :unsure: alright, i'm a pyro, sure! but when i dream of fire it's never good... for the past few nights i've been having this dream where i'm in a field... the sun is bright there is a cool breeze... i lay down and watch the clouds roll by... i close my eyes for a moment and when i open them i'm in a dark room. i'm tied down and there is a man standing in a corner watching me. i look down ans realize that i'm not wearing any clothes. i try to struggle out of my bonds as he pours what smells like kerosene all over my body. i notice another person in the room... it's always one of my good friends that have sworn to protect me... last night it was my boyfriend... he's tied up too. he looks beaten... the man that poured kerosene on me goes over and kicks my boyfriend... he looks up and struggles in his bonds to get to me... the man lights a match in front of my boyfriends face and then tosses it on to me... i burst into flames and start screaming...
    when i wake up its usually between 3-4 in the morning and my dog has a worried look on his sweet face.

    Can anyone tell what this might just mean?


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    12 years 2 months ago #2 by LolitaMagica

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  • Replied by LolitaMagica on topic Re: i'm being burned alive
    The first part of your dream contains symbollic images of peace; the field represents inner feelings of calm, the bright sky joy and a free from worries. The breeze is gentleness and watching the clouds shows contentment. The second part of your dream is open to many interpretations. Here is mine; I believe the struggle against the frighting man you saw is a battle of wills, or a battle between your archetypes. In other words, that man was you, in another form. Let me back track; archetypes are patterns and symbols that can be found within the unconscious of everyone. These archetypes represent the broad human memory within each of us. Dreams reveal our unconscious to us while we sleep through these archetypes. Most dream researches believe we see these archetypes more when we are undergoing a transition in our lives. That being said, this conflict in your dream seemed to be between two of your archetypes, the persona and the shadow. They are complete opposites. The persona represents your public image, and is rarely personified as other objects or people. It is usually a dream theme, rather than a dream figure. I believe this is why you appeared naked in your dream, as this is how the persona commonly presents itself in a dream. The man you saw was your shadow. The shadow is the unacceptable or unknown aspect of ourselves. In waking life, your consciousness represses your shadow, but in dreams, it can come forth. The shadow can take many forms, usually those that most frighten or repulse us, such as prostitutes, rapists, thieves, burglars, or in this case a murderer. The reason he tied down your persona might have to do with the persona's feelings towards the shadow; it feels frustration and that the shadow is preventing its ambition. The persona wishes to look its best to the public eye, which is a common human desire. However, what the shadow wants is for you to embrace who you really are. If there is a part of yourself you are hiding from those you care about, the shadow will try and persuade you to be honest with them and yourself. This is probably why the man keeps bringing in a dear friend of yours into the room each time you have the dream. Another symbol that is significant in your dream is the fire. Fire can be very frightening, as it is powerful and destructive, but it is also a symbol of rebirth, cleanliness, and purity. Therefore, when your shadow lights you on fire, he is trying to alter your persona. Being consumed in flames suggests the burning out of old attitudes and brining in the new. This is what your shadow truely wants for you. So, as crazy as it sounds, the man who has been terrorizing you in your dreams is actually on your side. As scary as he is, he contains values that are needed by the consciousness and only becomes hostile when ignored or misunderstood. If you can find the bravery to be honest about that part of yourself you hide, I believe this dream will subside. On another note, if you believe my analysis is COMPLETELY off, then I apologize ^.^;; Again, there can be many interpretations for one dream, and this is mine. You can find the references I used for interpretation in the book "The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams" by Theresa Cheung

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