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2 years 4 weeks ago #1 by neow

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  • STRANGE DREAM WHAT DOES IT MEAN was created by neow
    Last night i had the strangest dream ever, Heres what i can remember. me, my sister, my brother and mom were driving on a highway, then Mom, decides to look out the window to her left, not even knowing where the car is going. Then my older brother has to take the wheel, then, the car flips off the road, but everyone was fine. we then walked to the closest walmart for some odd reason, I was with my younger sister, we lost our mom and brother, we are stuck in the HUGE crowd in front of walmart, for some reason even though theres a huge crowd, theres only one car in the whole parking lot, Me and my sister decide to run through the crowd, hitting people with shopping carts that appeared out of nowhere, then we see an empty area, our carts dissapeared, we stood there trying to figure out why noone is there, then some gangster looking guy comes out and says 'this is my corner of the store" acting all cool and stuff?? it was so weird. he then proceeds to chase me and my sister, we somehow end up in a neighborhood, then i lost her, i see a man standing in his yard, so i am about to ask him if he has seen her, but then i realize she was behind me, we proceed to walk home, even though we live in the country, not some random rich neighborhood, we go through the woods, our house has a few trails, for some reason, there was like, 3 houses on a hill, with a road where the trail was supposed to be, also, for some reason, our yard was like 10 time bigger than it actually is. we proceed to walk up the hill?? then we hear these very strange noises, like thunder and stuff, so we very slowly run to our house, we kept falling in slomo, it was weird af. we then run through the woods, for some reason my vision gets red around the edges, like the old death screen in roblox or something. we make it home, everyone is inside acting normal, like nothing happened, then me and my sister watch tv, I then see a building on the tv, i proceed to say, 'Remember when we were skinwalkers?" Then i wake up, probably the weirdest dream i have ever had. Also, the whole dream, the sky was grey, and sometimes red.

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    1 year 9 months ago #2 by Lugus

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  • Replied by Lugus on topic STRANGE DREAM WHAT DOES IT MEAN
    I'm working on an interpretation of this dream.

    But I have a question that will help me with the interpretation.
    Are you a guy or a girl?


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