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Almost kissing crush

1 year 9 months ago #1 by LIA

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  • Almost kissing crush was created by LIA
    The dream took place at my grandma's house which I lived in for roughly 2 years.  I was supposed to teach my crush mathematics , but I couldn't because one of my teachers asked me to look through a cupboard for some medicines so he could give them to sick students .Later, I went back to my crush , he was leaned back on the couch , there were video game controllers and other gaming stuff all over the table , so that means he was playing games while waiting for me and eventually he got bored and decided to rest,I said his name and he woke up ,so I told him that the teacher was holding me back and that's why I couldn't make it , at first he was a bit unhappy but then he understood , I think we were talking and then we were about to kiss , but  we didn't kiss. Then one of my old teachers,  who now works at the school's administration,saw us and she said that she was going to tell my mom , so I went looking for her, I went to her house , it looked like she was having a little party , I think she was wearing a green dress . I was trying to tell her that we didn't kiss and she shouldn't tell my mom , she was making me feel guilty for talking to a boy ,then she started crying because I got frustrated and I started yelling and I said some emotional things , I don't remember what I told her but I think they were mean.

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