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Turned into an african !!!

12 years 6 months ago #1 by Jessica

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  • Turned into an african !!! was created by Jessica
    hi....had a really strange but funny dream last night..and i really want to know what it means !!!
    I don't remember how the dream really started..but in the dream i was in someone's home in africa...and i was wearing a plain dark green long skirt (so long that my shoes were for most of the time stuck in it)...and i was wearing a striped white and green shirt and green shoes (like everything green)..and after i saw whole of the house...some man came from behind me and asked "so, do u like the house?" and i looked at my shoes and replied "yes..very much"..and the man asked "would you like to buy it then?" and i looked at my shoes again and turned around to take a look at the house again...but the house kind of vanished..and i just saw sand...but still i relied to the man "I would love to live here"..and then the man also disappeared...then i just saw here and there..and i looked into a mirror and *poof*...i looked like an african..everything was the same..just my complexion was the same as africans..and i was wearing clothes like the africans but of green color only..and i had a green cloth tied on my head too..
    (by the way my complexion is fair..which is not really so common here where i live)
    the green color in the dream was like of great importance...

    in real life..i met an african guy just last week in my school...our school had some event of many competitions in which schools from many different countries participate !!! and now i'm kind of friends with him (he's from south africa)..and i like him very much...but could it have any connection with my dream ???

    please help me give some meaning to it !!!
    thanks in advance !! :)

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