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Dream of an Old Flame Who was in Need of Help

12 years 7 months ago #1 by Elizabeth.Grace

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  • Dream of an Old Flame Who was in Need of Help was created by Elizabeth.Grace
    The dream started off as me running up the stairs to get into Norwich University where this old flame attends. I couldn't remember where he was staying, so I went to the bathroom and then got into the hall and became frantic while looking for him. I stopped one of the young women in uniform asking for a cadet named

    , and she told me that he was in the infirmary, and had a sadened look about her. I ran to where it was, wanting to shout, but feared I'd wake the others who were trying to rest. I then find myself at the end of a dark hallway, and theres a lit room at the end, the one I haven't checked yet. He's laying there, looking very badly hurt. I begin to cry because I've had a gut feeling this whole time he'd been gone he might get hurt. I see him, pale and bruised with a laceration to his forehead. I brush my hand over his feathery, baby soft shaven head. I look to his leg and see that he has metal pins sticking from it. I cry more because if he knew that this had already happened, he'd be devistated to know he couldn't countinue training for a while. I lightly kiss his lips as not to wake him, but when he opens his eyes, he looks up to me as the flourescent light blinds his gaze and he says, "are you an angel?" and of course I reply with no. When he rubs his eyes a bit as I sit down in the chair beside him, he realizes that it is me. He asks "what are you doing in Vermont? you shouldn't have come all this way." and I said, "I had this horrible feeling that you were in trouble... Almost like a sign from God." I barely remember getting in my car to go and see him, but I remember arriving at the school and feeling like something was wrong. The young cadet looked me in the eyes and said "if you were my angel, I'd say I was a lucky man to have recieved one with the most beautiful eyes." I cried again and held his hand. I didn't want to leave him, he was sick and hurt. He needed to come home I kept telling myself. I remember proping him up in the back of my car and just driving... And talking about things that we never had the chance to before.
    I miss this man very much and need to know if this dream is a sign from god that we were meant to be or if it's just some strange way of seeing him when I can't. We've had an on and off relationship for almost a year now, but I've liked him since I was an underclassmen in high school, and he's known that (I think he may have liked me, too). Mind you, I haven't the slightest clue as to what the school really looks like because I've never been there, so the set up could be described as being very museum like in the infirmary, and every injured cadet looked as pale and scared as a ghost...

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