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a totally enigmatic dream regarding neighbours, vampires, Draco Malfoy and my ex

2 years 10 months ago #1 by emzie

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  • So, I had this dream last night I definitely can't stop thinking about. This is how my dream went : 
    I was in my bedroom, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw my neighbour studying and his sister sitting beside him with her son. I don't know why I should even be dreaming of him, because I totally try to avoid him whenever he texts me and all, but I'll admit that he is super hot and all. Then, for some unknown reason, I found myself involuntarily to my late grandma's bedroom. The furniture had all been removed and there as my neighbour, his brother and his favourite singer sitting on the floor and studying. Then, suddenly, I was at my school and I saw these three new guys sitting behind me and surprisingly, there were three adult women in front of me. One of them had come over to my place on Monday and this one guy who was sitting behind me, got up and killed her. I wasn't scared though. Two of the guys went out and suddenly, I turned around and saw the guy who was still sitting there, staring back at me, with remorse and guilt in his eyes. This guy talked like my ex, looked like Draco Malfoy but his name was same as that of my neighbour. I don't know what came over me, but when he walked out of my classroom, I involuntarily followed him, met him in the corridor and told him that I loved him and he was everything to me. I told him that it didn't matter that he is a vampire, I'll always love him. We hugged and kissed and walked over to a cafe which I had last visited when I was 4 years old. I told him to  promise never to hurt my parents to which he said 'yes'. And there I was, smiling, laughing and going out with a vampire who talked like my ex, looked like Draco Malfoy and with a name same as that of my neighbour. In the end, we were writing an exam together and then suddenly I woke up.

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