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Literally a dream that was produced by a Hollywood filmmaker

3 years 1 day ago #1 by Wjjskk

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  • So basically my friends mom died when she was super young but one day out of nowhere these people show up and are like no ur moms not actually dead she’s just been in hiding and no one can find her but we think u have the power to find her So me my younger sister and my friend all take off into these snowy alps and we find this cave and I start having like a deja vu moment and I’m like ok I know what to do here so I’m like encouraging her to figure out what to do and eventually just tell her cuz she was taking to long and I got bored Anyway so we find this thing that’s just some sort of white blob but anyway what it does is it tells us hidden secrets that can help us find her mom so we see this glowing light deep in this alp so we start climbing it And when we get there there’s thid like usb thing and we’re trying to find out what it does and I’m like yo plug it into this blob thing and it starts playing an audio of this dude talking about all the women he murdered So we’re like yo we need to start moving and go figure out what’s up so we start running and we cut through this skate park where my friend just starts yelling at all these alt girls saying that using rollerblades are lame and keep calling them profanity’s So anyway we still are running and I realize I left my jacket so I start freezing and ask this person for their jacket and they’re like no it’s for my cat Well anyway we end up turning around and my friend starts running somewhere else and I’m like yo what are u doing and I’m just super confused and we tryna keep up with her but shes goin super fast Anyway she show up at her dads house and starts asking him questions about what happened and then I woke up and chose to not remeber any more of that tragic Hollywood movie

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