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    I always get these story dreams...with a whole story in it...but I have no idea what it means.

    There were like 4 times recently that I got kidnapped. Like am I gonna get kidnapped in the future?? I know the "scientific" meaning like someone is forcing me to do what I don't want. It happens everyday so that's normal...and I'm sure that isn't the meaning of my dreams. I feel like there is a different meaning to my dreams...different from everyone else's dreams...and it's deeper then you think...

    My first dream happened a couple days a family member of mine...held me and my brother hostage at our own house. (Hopefully he doesn't become a kidnapper and make this dream come true in the future since that would be horrifying lol) He lives in china and he acts like a "monkey"...a very silly adult. He is in NY at my house...with a few other men...IDK where was my parents in the dream lol. He is ok, he treats me ok and treats my brother...well he "attacks" and "plays" with my brother in the "rough" play.  But back to the I remember that I watched a riddle video in the past about a girl is held hostage and the phone rings. The kidnapper said to pick it up but don't tell what happened, and she successfully told her mom on the phone that she needs help, by muting and unmuting the words that she wants muted and not muted. I wanted to do that too, but no one called. He had a gun so we can't just fight and run away. A day went by. We were brought separated to another house. I was in the less rich house but with a lot of video games. My brother was in the more rich house but less video games. There was a couple other kids in the houses. Another day went by. I remember after, I was brought outside with the other kids and we were supposed to go in a van. They weren't watching me...I had this chance to escape...but guess what I did. Something I should have never done. I went to the driver (the kidnapper which is my family member's assistant) and asked if he can bring me home. Yeah you should know what happened next...I got kidnapped again and...that's the end of this dream.

    See? A whole story lol...

    My second dream happened a few days ago. It is when I was with a few kids and the kidnapper on a green (I think that is the color) roller coaster. First, there is two dark tunnels and we can choose which to go through. I believe we went to the right. The ride was a 90 degree drop...I would be terrified if that was real. Then some drops you can see the sky...but it gets higher and higher. We dropped from like hundreds of feet high, like the height of those tall apartments and even higher. Remember, it goes down 90 degrees...a freefall that I would never ride on...after when that ended we went to like a mentor/therapist place. There were employees and children there. We arrived in a car....when we went in I saw  robot snake and I think a lizard of some sort. The robot snake came to me and slithered around me. That is what I remember from this dream.

    The third dream yesterday is I was kidnapped by a man that looks like he was in the 60-70s. The place I was in is a place that is dark and dirty. I am not sure what happened there. Then I somehow escaped. I found out my aunt knows the kidnapper, since 2 years ago she got kidnapped from the same person. She survived and escaped. One day, I met him again...literally in front is was that man. I was with I believe my aunt. I tried to hide myself and pretend I was another person...the next thing I know I was in a town on the sidewalk. There was the same kidnapper right next to me. I saw other kids with him too. He told us to throw tomatoes at a kid (I think). I hesitated but I don't want him to be angry so I did that. Then a police arrived and held a gun at the man. He saved two kids but there was more. Then he drove off. The man wasn't even arrested. This is the end.

    I watched Sacred Riana before I got my fourth dream. I was thinking I will get another spooky dream and I actually kinda did lol.

    The fourth dream I just had today is me and my brother got kidnapped into a game...someone made a game and we had to win to escape. We played it, and survived. I wasn't sure what game it is but it's similar to an escape room/saw traps. It can kill you by the way, but we somehow survived. I few days later, we heard something...there is a lottery, and we were in it. Winner of the lottery gets $10,000 and a trip to a place to play a little game. We never joined in, but we knew that the kidnapper was back with a new game. After a roll, someone got $1000 but don't get to go to the game. Another few rolls, the same. Then the last roll, we were picked. We had to go again, to play this deadly game. Plus I doubt the winners got the money...we packed up and went there, we had no choice. We've been through the first game and survived, so we should know how to survive. When we arrived though, this new game was different. We had controllers to control a dot, and there are rooms you can go into. it's on a screen, but it felt real. It's like a VR world. We all had one life, and if we die in the game...nothing good is gonna happen in "real life". We cannot touch the walls, and there are rooms with traps. A room there is boss...I almost went in there but luckily I didn't. I don't remember what else is in the dream...there was a part were I got bitten by a snake and it took a while to get the vaccine and go to the doc. IDK when it appeared in my dream so that's why I said this last.

    So yeah, these weird story dreams....I have a ton more but here are the dreams about kidnapping...that recently I had.

    Does anyone have any idea what all four dreams mean? Does anyone know someone that can interpret this? Thank you!!

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