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I dreamed about dating and marrying my crush

3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #1 by malakembroider

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  • I dreamed about dating and marrying my crush was created by malakembroider
    I have a crush on my classmate for 3 years. Only me and my BFF know about it. And I and he had never been close before, just like normal classmates ( but the first year we met, , he said to me that he's in love with me and that he thinks about me all the time, and I thought he was kidding, but he seemed really serious ... Anyways we forgot about it )... Yesterday I had this really sweet dream about me and him and our friends and I really need to know its meaning ( it's a bit long but please read it and help me )                                                                                             So, in the beginning, I was with a girl who is older than me called Lingyi [ She's a famous Singaporean Youtuber in real life and we never met ] I think we were friends in the dream. We were in a quiet place with some trees, some houses, a mini-hotel, and a lot of empty yards.  We came to stay in a mini-hotel room and I don't know why. Lingyi told me that she wants to lie down and have some rest, so I left her and I asked the hotel owner to give me two slippers, I wore them and went wandering in the yards. When I went downstairs the room, I found my friends [ 7 of my classmates in real life : 3 boys ( my crush and two friends) and 4 girls ( my BFF and three close friends )], and one of them was my crush cuz he's my classmate in real life. I was walking a bit far from them and suddenly my right slipper was torn, and it had plastic thorns inside it so they hurt my foot a lot that I couldn't step on it. I called for help so my friends came to see what happened. My BFF tried to carry me but wasn't able to. So my crush said " You can't do it, she must be a bit heavy to you, let me do it" And he came towards me, hugged me and carried me and walked while carrying me in this position for a long time till we reached the hotel. Still carrying me, he knocked on the door of my room , and asked Lingyi for some extra slippers then sat me on the stairs and put a bandage on my foot, and gave me the new slippers and I felt much better. I was so shy ... He walked with me to the reception hall where our friends were waiting for us. He said: " She's okay now, you all can leave now, I got this " They all were surprised cuz we're not close at all in real life as I told you, and they left. He went to close the hotel room, let go of me and suddenly and quickly he kissed me on the cheek and then hugged me. I was completely red and my heart beat really fast because I didn't expect it but I was extremely happy about it. Then he holds my hands with his and our hands were so warm. It was my first time holding his hands. He asked: " Are you okay? Are you feeling well? Do you need anything? " I was so embarrassed and I couldn't say anything... So he hugged me again and it felt so real, so I said: " I'm okay now, tha - thank you ". His friends came back, stood far from us, and asked him to play football with them and he went to them. I was a bit sad because I wanted to spend more time with him especially after what happened. I was looking at the ground feeling upset and I felt later a warm hand touching my face .. And I raise my head, I realized that it was him.  He told me that he actually apologized to his friends and told them that he has something more important to do. And they left he said to me: " Can you go on a walk with me? " And gave me his hand so I hold it and we went walking in the yards and parks till the evening ... We chatted a lot and it made me so happy [ because in real life I never had the chance to talk with him and have some alone time, and I never had the courage to start a conversation with him, like never. ] I asked him: " Tell me if a pretty girl confesses her love to you? What will your reaction be like? " So he answered: " This never happened with me before, that's a hard question ... but I can answer another question .. " I asked: " What is it? " He answered: " If you love a pretty girl, how are you going to confess to her ? " and he stopped walking, we sat on a bench, he holds my hands, looked into my eyes, but I was too shy to look at his. So he said: "Don't be shy .... You're so beautiful to be shy " I looked at him, my face was all red. He said: " Look, I am so serious in whatever I am going to say right now ... I - I - I really like you, no, I love you, I'm in love with you .. I have been liking you for a long time, but I wasn't able to tell you about my feelings... I can't stop thinking about you ... I lived in fear that you like someone else . I really really, really love you .. Will you love me? Will you be mine? Will you be my girlfriend and my lover? " I remember that I started crying, crying a lot... I said " Really? Is that real? I have been feeling the same for  3 years but I never thought that you'll love me back ... Yes, I'll, I'll be your girlfriend! I  love you! " He smiled and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and we hugged each other again for a long time. The next day, he asked me if I want to announce it to our friends, I said that I don't mind as long as he's with me. We told the two boys first, they were really shocked because they never knew about his feelings, and then we told the girls and they were so happy and said " Finally girl! " Cuz I already told them that I have a crush on him. We all were so happy, even this roommate Lingyi was happy for us ........ Then a strong white light covered everything and I found myself standing in a large garden with my crush and our friends and we were both wearing wedding clothes, I was wearing a beautiful, white and big dress and my hair were so pretty. And he looked so handsome in his black and fancy suit .. I understood that it was our marriage. Our friends came congratulated us and told us that we're so cute together .. Then he looked at me and said: " [ my name ] , I really love you " so I said " I love you too dear " and we hugged each other .... And then I woke up ...                                         **** This weird and sweet dream sounds a bit like a perfect fairytale but I really saw this dream exactly with these details . So if you know what it means please let me know

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