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Meaningful dream???

3 years 3 months ago #1 by Msdarbus

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  • Meaningful dream??? was created by Msdarbus
    Everyone in my dream were real people, I dreamt that my friends and I were hanging out and my two best friends heard about this party that this girl (someone I used to be friends with in real life who ended up shunning and disliking me for no apparent reason to which I found out she does it to everyone, however still feel singled out and as if I’m the only one) was having a party/ get together and had invited my friends. I found out my boyfriend was there too and have (in real life) been feeling distant from him so wanted to go to get close to him again. My friends said that she didn’t want me there so I stayed home while they all went, however my friends kept updating me that my boyfriend was really drunk and all over this girl (who in real life my ex boyfriend showed interest in while we were together and I had to block her after the relationship as a healing mechanism just so I wasn’t reminded that she was preferred over me even though she didn’t actually do anything to me, I unblocked her after I’d healed), but in my dream my current boyfriend had his hands all over her and was calling her beautiful and stunning meanwhile I was alone at home while all my friends and boyfriend were partying together with the girl who hates me. I just wondered what this all means?

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