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Dancing a romantic dance with a guy although I'm sure I'm a lesbian

3 years 8 months ago #1 by zoyah547

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  •  I'm kinda sure I'm a lesbian. I'm also sure that some of my dreams have come true.

    I dreamt of a dream that I became very confused about. All the while I was having the dream, I felt something was amiss.

    The dream went: I'm in a white dress that's flowy and looks like a flower. I look up and see a guy in a blue checkered suit that looks good on his body. This is where I start feeling that something is wrong. I look at his face and realize that he is a guy I know.
    Sid. Our history: ppl said that he was into me, I wasn't very interested, my friend became cruel and ditched me for him. In a week of ditching me, they were together. I cried a lot coz of her. I very secretly liked her, too, I think.

    He looks handsome ish and I look pretty. We are dancing in front of our school mates and my ex is in the front seat. He looks ok with this. Once the dance is coming to an end, I pull him close and finish with a slow dance. We both stop. He boops me on my nose and says, "you look tired, go sleep." This is odd again because we aren't even close enough to speak to each other like this and he's bopping me?!

    Nodding, I start to go when I see her. My ex-friend. His girlfriend. She's in a purple-pink dress that looks like the smaller version of my dress. She looks pretty.

    I go to her and I speak to her. She seems civil and I realize that Sid and she aren't together. I'm happy and thinking I might comfort her, spend some more time with her. She doesn't look at me the same way I would. She'll never like me. Distressed and resigned in my defeat, I decided I will move on from her.

    Sid sees me and comes towards me. He's worried about me, I can see it on his face. I leave her to go to him.

    I hug him and then I wake up.

    It felt like I chose him, a guy, over her.

    I'm pretty sure that I'm gay but I sometimes get confused. I've told my therapist to prepare an "am I a lesbian test" which she calls the sexuality spectrum test. So, the feeling of the dream being wrong might be because I'm confused about my sexuality. But I want to know why he was in the dream. I barely speak to him and yes, I think we both are pretty smart and would make ok friends/ partners, but I'm leaning towards girls too much for him to be in my dream.

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    3 years 7 months ago - 3 years 7 months ago #2 by ElizVanZee

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  • The dream showsthat you are in a situation in which you are functioning at your best (wearing  a dress), a situation about which you are very innocent (white) and thus also lacking in knowledge. Your function, behaviour or role appears very feminine (flowy dress) and reflects the idea of wisdom (looks like a flower). 

    The 'guy' indicates that your mind(represented by any male) is doing some very poor thinking pertaining to the issue of a male as a romantic interest. Here the idea of a male as a romantic interest looks good and seems well suited in the role of a suiter. Looking at his face can imply identifying with the idea of a male romantic interest in terms of an actual male you know - one you were not very interested in.

     He is handsome andyou looking pretty can suggest the idea of a well matched couple - one male and one female. Dancing represents the idea of developing a romantic relationship. Dancing in front of schoolmates and ex implies that mentally you could be quite OK with this type of relationship. You might want to embrace this type of relationship (pull him close) but go slow with the idea of a romantic interest. [Your age
    may need to be considered

    .]While there may be little to be said for such a
    male-female relationship in your mind (not even close enough to speak to each other), the idea of a male female relationship is not a stranger to you (guy
    acts as if you were close) and such a relationship could be looking out for your well-being. (he says you look tired, sleep) 

    You are seeing your idea of a romantic relationship (represented by Sid) in relation to your ex-friend, that is in relation to a female-female relationship. You realize
    that mentally (as Sid) you are not really with the idea of a female relationship. (Sid and she aren't together) The ex-friend, being a female represents an emotional aspect of yourself. From an emotional perspective you
    do not look at or see yourself the same way that you consciously would see yourself. You need to decide to move on from the idea of a female-female
    relationship (represented by the Ex-girlfriend) and go towards the idea of a male-female one - and embrace the idea. (hug him)

     [Sid may be in your dreams simply to highlight your lack of interest in a male relationship. The idea of a male love interest may hold little appeal to you - (you barely speak to him) yet the dream shows you developing a relationship with an idea you
    have thus far shown no interest in. (dancing with Sid)]

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