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Being hugged by my crush!

12 years 7 months ago #1 by Zhannette

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  • Being hugged by my crush! was created by Zhannette
    Well, my dream goes like this:

    I was at school and my classmates as well as our adviser are gathered outside a room. I guess it was outside the AVR(audio-video room) and obviously they were waiting for someone.

    That someone turns out to be me for I was the last person to arrive and they were waiting for me to sing something. I really haven't seen all of the faces there because my adviser suddenly called out to me and said,

    "Grace, come on in front and give us a splendid song."

    I barely moved an inch because i suddenly felt cold. My adviser then said,

    "Don't worry. Jupheter's going to give you a massage on the neck."

    Then suddenly I felt a hand caressing my neck and the suddenly hugged me. The coldness I felt at that time suddenly vanished and warmth covered my whole body. The microphone was then given to me and I prepared to sing. Jupheter's arms were still around me, and I forgot to do the song's opening. In fact, I wasn't able to sing anything. But Jupheter's arms were still around me, hugging me tightly as if he's never letting me go. His face was beside mine and I can feel his soft breathing. I felt his breathing long enough for me to feel warmer and then he let his hands fall.

    He retreated towards our classroom and I followed him. Then he disappeared in my sight and I saw a basket and I brought it back to our room.

    I suddenly saw my ex-crush smiling and teasing me.

    I remember looking for Jupheter but my dream ended without me seeing him again.

    JUPHETER is my classmate. He is handsome, intelligent, and kind. But we rarely talk. He is also my one and only crush currently. :cheer:

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