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Back to high school surrounded by monkeys in my dream?

3 years 11 months ago #1 by Milley

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  • I saw my-self in my middle school. I was going somewhere then suddenly two hidden kids scared me whom I didn't know. They also didn't seem like they wanted to scare me or even knew me. They seemed like they got the wrong person . I shouted loud, they went away and the teacher from the front class came and told me to keep my voice low and why  was I standing in front of her class. I started going away from there and took then stairs but then heard something. When I went back, another teacher was coming and I felt like she was my grandmother or at least look liked her. Then suddenly I started running to get past the corridor in the opposite direction of stairs. Then I saw bunch of monkeys hanging around both behind and front of me at a distance . There was boys washroom on the left of me so I just went in to hide but there I saw a group of dead and few alive monkeys. I rushed of and then started running past corridor now in full speed without caring for the monkey in front as if I had to get past the corridor at any cost . In the meantime, the monkey in front of me grabbed me from my shoulder. I started pushing him off while running but he didn't get off . And then my sleep was interrupted  and I woke up.

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    3 years 11 months ago #2 by UkeDude

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  • Miley,Interesting dream. I think there needs to be more informationabout you to analyze this dream correctly, but I’ll do with what I have.The symbols I see here are monkeys, teachers and school. The dream takes place at your middle school. I wonder if youare like my 14 y/o daughter who was in 8th grade this year and will be startinghigh school in the fall. Even if you are already in high school, I think that
    there is a lot of stress surrounding the flux that school aged kids are in now.
    Plus,  you probably did the distance
    learning thing for the last 3 months of school which adds to that stress.Here is what the DreamDoctor says about Monkeys – “An ape ina dream symbolizes someone from waking life who is bossy, authoritative and
    even bullying. Who is the 800 pound gorilla in your waking life?  Monkeys
    in dreams often represent people who are mischievous or playful, but can also
    represent people you feel are a smaller version of an ape.”Do the monkeys in your dream represent someone or somethinglike that?  Your Grandmother showed up as
    a teacher. Is there an authority figure in your life/family that is bullying or
    bossing you?  Or could it be a certain
    virus that has turned your world upside down? 
    When you went into the boy’s washroom you saw that some of the monkeys
    were dead. We hear everyday about the amount of new virus infections and the
    new death figures.  Sad as it is, monkey’s
    are used as test subjects, perhaps you see this subconsciously.  We also have our leaders telling us that we must
    wear masks and practice social distancing, more authority telling you what you
    have to do. The monkeys could represent that 800 pound gorilla that is pushing
    you around or that damn monkey on your back. Kids today have constant stimuli around them and it’s hard tofilter it out. Every generation has its challenges and yours is no different. Mine
    had the cold war to keep us warm at night, yours has the virus and the
    internet.There’s a lot to look at here and figure out, but maybe my wordscan help. Just my two cents.

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