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being forced to kill myself

3 years 8 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #1 by mm312303

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  • being forced to kill myself was created by mm312303
    edit: i forgot to mention i woke up really dizzy and with the number 77 stuck in my head. idk if this helps lmao

    hi! this is a very long story so here we go lmao. so i had this really weird dream last night and it's been bothering me a lot throughout the day. keep in mind i very rarely remember my dreams anymore and the fact that i remember this so vividly is what i think is bothering me. for some context, about a week and a half ago i had this dream where i was in a field and this guy came up to me and we both laid down. he said we were soulmates and we would meet each other one day in the future. his name was either Liam or Luke but i don't remember which. i only remember his outfit: dark blue jeans with a light gray t-shirt. this will be relevant later. so fast forward to last night. the dream started off in this basement with a table in the middle of the room. i was tied up along with a few other kids and i think we were being held hostage, i'm not really sure. anyways, there was a man with a hood on so i couldn't really see his face, and a woman who were keeping us there. they kept saying they needed a sacrifice for something, i don't remember what. they ended up letting the other kids go but i had to stay. the guy in the hood said that i had to kill myself in order for the sacrifice to work. he held a gun against my head and said i had one minute to come up with a plan that would kill me. i tried to stall and talk my way out of it as much as i could. i don't really remember what happened next, but all of a sudden he took the gun off my head and forced the lady to get on the table that was in the middle of the room. he said that she lost her chance (?) and she was next. he tied one of the ropes that was used to tie our hands from before and tied it around her neck. he pulled both sides of the rope in opposite directions really hard and it cut through her neck and partially severed it. i'm not going to go into detail but it was very gory and realistic. this is when he took off his hood. it was the guy from my dream last week. my "soulmate". this time i could see his face: he had a slimmer face, he was pretty pale, he had brown eyes and blonde hair, very attractive. he looked kind of familiar, i feel like i've seen him at school or something but that can't be right because i would've recognized him, and he must've been at least 3-4 years older than me (i'm 14 and in 8th grade). anyways, he looked me in the eyes and i guess he realized it was me (?) and he looked kind of panicked and said you're not supposed to be here. i guess he was kinda caught off guard or something as if he didn't see my face before but that wore off very quickly. he said i had to kill myself to complete the sacrifice. i tried talking to stall and stuff but he kept trying to get to the point. he was a bit kinder now but he was still pretty forceful. he offered me some poisonous berries i think they were and said these will get the job done quickly. i said ok but stalled taking them. there's a gap in my memory at this point but the next thing i remember is me running away. now i'm running out of my house and around the corner while trying to call the cops. he is chasing me with some sort of match lighter and gasoline. he keeps trying to get gasoline on me and light me on fire but he keeps failing. so we run around the corner and keep going back and forth and stuff while i keep trying to call 911. i run into him and he hold my arms behind my back and then gives me the lighter as he puts gasoline on me. he said i had to do this myself or something even worse is going to happen to the both of us. i pretend to not know how to use the lighter to stall. i here sirens and get so relieved that the police finally came but they didn't stop where we were and they just kept driving. this is when i lost hope. he looks away for a second and this is when i ran away. i end up hiding at a party that was going on a little bit down the street from me. but he runs in and threatens people with a gun and demands them to tell him where i am. i run out the back door and see my neighbor walking her dog a little down the street. i quickly tell her someone is chasing and trying to kill me and he sees us and starts chasing us both. now we're running down the street going from house to house trying to find somewhere to hide. he gets really close to my neighbor and burns her hand in an attempt to throw the flame at me i think. i run into this new area that i've never seen before and there's just two young boys sitting in chairs watching me. this new place is very different from my neighborhood: it's eerie and it's damp and had this weird like deep green glow (?) to it. i quickly run out and run into the guy. he hold my shoulders and says that it's ok and i don't need to kill myself anymore. i can't explain why but i feel so so safe when i'm with him at this point so i willingly follow him back to my house and we sit down on my living room couch. i lay my head on his lap and look into his eyes and he hugs me. this is when i feel something hit my arm from the jacket he had on. i move my head and see a gun. as i try and get up he hold me down and reaches for his gun and says i'm sorry it wasn't supposed to be you megan. you weren't supposed to be here. he goes to pull the trigger but the next thing i know i'm kind of floating above that weird neighborhood again with the two boys. time is frozen around me and one of the boys says that i need to wake up immediately because i wasn't supposed to be here. they said if i don't wake up right then that i would get stuck here and if i ended up killing myself or getting killed that i would die in real life too. so that's my dream! i know this was really long but i wanted to try and include everything i could for a possible explanation. i doubt anyone took the time to read this through but if you're still reading this thank you lmao and if anyone could i'd really appreciate it if you could explain this or the meaning behind it. everytime i think about the dream i get this really intense butterfly feeling in my stomach and it makes me nauseous. 

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