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Rather strange and sensory dream (vivd description)

3 years 11 months ago #1 by Carton_of_lies

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  • To be clear, This dream get rather dirty, but I have never physically engaged in such activities as described. I am a virgin.

    To begin, I am sitting in a theater in one of the back few rows with a some people I know. The walls are a pale blue. 
    We exit into a pale pink, satin-textured hall talking sarcastically at each other.
    One of the boys and I break off from the gaggle abruptly into a softer textured purple room with a bench. He sits down on the bench exposing himself to me. We argue, but he is anxious at start. I am anxious as well but to be done rather than begin. When he finishes, I can physically taste the cum outside of the dream. It doesn't go away.
    He leaves and I go quickly into the adjacent bathroom to wash out my mouth. As I said, the taste lingers.
    the scene shifts entirely and I go into a reddish-brown room filled with absentmindedly working students. I have missed my ride home. A woman approaches me. She is polite and has blonde hair, but is mostly unhelpful with my predicament of getting home. another woman enters, she is wearing the same as the blonde woman only she has dark hair, the color of the walls. She is pushy and arranges a ride for me all while dealing with the students who have sand in their heads and are learning violin.

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