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i cant find the meaning of this dream anywhere

4 years 1 month ago #1 by abrain

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  • Last days i tried to make myself dream about what i really wanted (a famous person that is no longer alive) but instead i get weird dreams

    This last dream, I got a new dog and he was doing ok at the start, but then i went to a vet and i got told i would have to inject him with insulin every day and i felt so sorry and scared for him.. he was sick, apparently. 

    everything was also happening at night, it was like morning and day never existed, nobody was in the streets when i would walk him, everything was dark and the dog looked like he stayed in dog pound before. I haven't had a dream for about a year and now i get this.. what is that? I can't even search the meaning, its only about seeing a dog, but not a dog that you own and need to inject with insulin.

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