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really weird long dream

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  • really weird long dream was created by katie379
    i had the longest most vivid dream of my life last night. it was super weird. i’m 18 and female, if that means anything given the context of the dream.

    —————i’m sitting on the slope of a hill outside my house, facing another, steeper hill. there is a white car nearby and there are people sitting around me, but scattered across the area. i’m wearing a white chiffon-like outfit, loose and sleeveless, and am barefoot, sitting in the grass. the sun begins to set, and white daisies wave as the wind blows. i stand up to take a picture in landscape mode, but it comes out like a panorama. the front is beautiful, but the back is messed up because i didn’t turn around. i take it again, turning all the way around this time, and it comes out perfect. for some reason i had to zoom in on people that time: i had to zoom in on my mom (who was about twenty feet away and dressed in her normal outfit) and the two women who were wearing bikini bottoms and were topless sitting on the hill, which had become bathed in the gold of the sunset (about 200 feet away). the only thing covering the two women’s breasts were their long shiny brown hair. no people show up in the picture, but when i’m done taking it i notice that the hills behind me are snowy even though they were green with grass when i first looked at them. the sunlight is all gold, no pink or red or purple, and i feel it settle heavily around my neck, ankles, waist, and set down on my head. not hot or cold, but my body temperature exactly.suddenly i’m standing in my bedroom, looking out over the hill and sunset. i’m dressed as an angel— but a very glamorous angel, with no wings. i’m decked out all in white and gold, with two gold necklaces— one thick and a short chain, reaching a little past my collarbone, and another longer thin chain with a round pendant in the bottom, which settled near the valley between my breasts. the dress reached my ankles, and wrapped around in a way that there was a sort of slit up the front, and a thick golden belt wrapped loosely around my waist, but it had no buckles and was tied to my left side. in my reflection in the window it looked tight, but it felt loose and comfortable.  i wore no bracelets, but had l thick and thin gold anklets on both feet and wore a golden laurel crown. i can’t remember if i had on any rings— i feel like it was one or two? i wore no shoes. as the sun set, i started dancing in my bedroom,laughing and having fun. i did fake praying moves, almost mocking, until the dancing took a more serious turn and i no longer laughed. a while after it became dark i entered a strange sequence where i clasped the pendant on my necklace in my hands over and over as my room faded away. i appeared in my attic, but it was large and cluttered with furniture. i’m suddenly self-conscious of my appearance, and get scared that my siblings will see me dressed up like this. i pick up a book and read by the light of my mothers desk lamp, even though i’m creeped out by the shadows around me. i hear footsteps running up the stairs, and knowing it’s my siblings, i hide among the furniture. When they come upstairs i hear the flick of a light switch, and the attic is suddenly much brighter. my brother sees me sitting on the ground near a chair, and tells me, while smiling(not normal, this kid is hostile about people hiding when there’s work to be done irl),to help him take some furniture downstairs because mom wanted to put it somewhere. he doesn’t remark on my costume, and i don’t even think about what i’m wearing anymore. i pick up a chair and the scene fades away. i appear in the middle of a void, and a bus comes flying past me out of nowhere. i slice it in half with a blade of water that i pull up from behind it. suddenly i play that scene on repeat, in between flashes of some life where i can manipulate earth and water, but for some reason have to keep it a secret. the dream also somehow pulls in a show i was watching. in dream gym class, which was the most vivid bit of this part of the dream, we were doing trampolining in pairs, and the male love interest oof the show chooses some random goth girl, while i pair up with the female protagonist. i think “i hope she’s a lesbian” and in the scenes with the bus i see the male love interest and the female protagonist sitting on opposite sides of the bus, looking at each other. when i slice the bus apart they look surprised, but looked scared about it only the first time i see that scene. me and the female protagonist jump on the trampoline together, but i look at it from the same perspective as i watched the male love interest and his partner in the trampoline— from 100-ish feet away on the gym floor. at one pint the gym teacher asks what i would do if i could manipulate earth, and says that i would be messy and leave piles of dirt everywhere. she’s very tall and imposing and mean, and when she says that i become defiant but in a resentful rather than outright brave way. i mutter something about washing away sediments, and when she  goes “huh?!! whadyou just say???” and bends her down to hear me repeat it, i say “nothing” and walk away. this scene repeats only twice, but the first time i say it bravely and actually tell her the thing about the sediments. however, when i tell her loudly the first time she smiles in a very mean way and looks almost victorious so i choose to say “nothing” the second time.i can’t remember if this bit happened near the beginning or end, but i’m wandering through a nickelodeon themed mall with my family and their family friends. everyone is younger, like 8-10 years old, and the first place we choose to go to is a shoe store. we stand out front for a very very long time while my mom talks with the cashier. until me and my brother fade back out to the first store we walked through to get into the mall. everything’s strange. we’re a bit older now, and i suddenly remember that we came here by train with grandma, which conflicts with how i remember we came in our large, black van. this somehow connects with the part where i have earth/water powers, because i remember them even though i don’t use them. my brother and i run through the mall, past cartoon-themed stores that i remember being excited about visiting, but when i look at them as i run past they seem cheap and boring and the employees all look unhappy. at the end of the mall i see a world map of the spongebob universe, which was pretty strange, it was divided into three levels almost norse-mythology style, and spongebob and bikini bottom were on “midgard”. ( i’m reading beowulf for a school project so this kinda makes sense. don’t get the spongebob part though because i like never got to watch it). we rescue some grizzled old man from something, and being him to an empty room. my brother and i learn from him that there are pens throughout the mall that we must collect and return to their rightful owners. we go looking for the pens. in some places there are handfuls of pens, and in others there are none. when we take all the pens from where there was a handful, there is always one more when we go back to that place. there are boxes of pens at a checkout, but we can’t take them without the cashier woman noticing. we hide 2 packs in our shopping cart, but she sells the last pack to some random lady. when i look back there is a special pen, which is a dark blue-green, and i take it and flick it up my sleeve. me and my brother exit the mall.when we leave the pens no longer matter. me and my brother are older, and my grandma is there in the parking lot with my uncle. they are waiting to take the train. or our van. the van has a afro on it, an huge red white and blue afro; and that means it has gained sentience and we can no longer drive it. we’ll need to have the afro removed. i look over at my brother and now he’s wearing a red white and blue afro with a clown nose. i tell him to take it off, and he does so reluctantly. we wait there for a long time, outside a gas station in a parking lot with the sun shining gold around us as it reaches its peak. i remember slicing things apart with water and earth. we decide to take the train, and it is a smooth ride, but it is very cool on the train. however, the cold doesn’t bother me for some reason. the ride is long and dull and all in shades of light and dark grey, dark blue, light blue, and black.for a brief moment i am back hone in my kitchen, slicing a pomegranate open on a wooden cutting board that is stained pink from me cutting open pomegranates on it before. i pry the pomegranate open and it splits in half, revealing the dark red seeds inside. i pluck one out and hold it between my fingers, just looking at it. then i wake up.

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