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Recurring dreams about a friendly protective wolf

4 years 7 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #1 by Samm

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  • This isn't exactly one dream, but multiple. but its happened so many times i need to write it somewhere and figure out what it means--no matter what i'm dreaming about, every once in a while, i'll always dream about the same wolf. a huge black wolf who looks reddish brown in the light, with dark brown eyes that look human. Hes always in a forest, always alone, its always me either falling down a hill into a forest or wandering into one and falling, he approaches me after a few minutes. i'm always slightly cautious and anxious at first before becoming very calm, and then i feel safe. like i'm being protected. he'll look at me in my eyes for a few minutes before rubbing up against me and either laying down with me or urging me to play with himif he lays down with me, we stay like that for a little bit, everything feels safe, and like i've know him for years, before i wake upif we play we romp around and tackle for a bit like we were both wolves but he never snaps at me or even growls, i still feel safer with him then i do with anyone. after playing we stop for a few seconds before he hears or sees something and runs off and i go on with the rest of my dream whatever it was before seeing my wolf its always just me and him in a forest no matter whati always feel sad when i wake up, like im missing a friend,,i have no idea what this dream means because every source says people are usually afraid of wolves in dreams and im not except for the first few seconds of seeing him, 

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