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Dream of checking my boyfriends conversation

4 years 6 months ago #1 by Kayisok

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  • Hello everyone. I decided to post my dream because I couldn’t find about it anywhere. 
    So me and my boyfriend have a mutual friend, who I will name H.
    H seems like the type of person my boyfriend would love: short hair, troubled, pretty, nice, sweet and apologetic.
    H and my boyfriend have been spending a lot of time together and it really annoys me because she isn’t spending much time with me anymore, and my boyfriend seems to be talking with her a lot.
    im very paranoid and I have decided to not allow my boyfriend to call with her alone, because I want to be included. He got super mad about it and he defends her at all costs.
    Well, now with that backstory I’ll go into the dream.
    ii keep dreaming that i, somehow, gain access to my boyfriends phone and snoop around in their conversation. I never actually remember what is said there in my dream, but I get an immense satisfaction with it. I wake up happy, I want to fulfil that dream. I want to see the conversation. Sometimes I am in power of my boyfriends phone, but I don’t want to break our trust by checking. Why do I feel so good about this? I want to have more dreams like this. So far it’s been 3. 

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