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Reoccurring dream of being kidnapped?

4 years 7 months ago #1 by olivuhh

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  • Reoccurring dream of being kidnapped? was created by olivuhh
    I keep having this dream that i’m a kid again and my school is hosting an event to help improve any talents you have. If you think you have these talents you goto this teachers house with a group of kids with similar talents and you stay at the teachers house while trying to improve your talents. In my dream, i always goto the same house with the same teacher with the same group of kids. But this teacher holds us hostage in his basement and kills any kids that disagree or fight with him brutally. In my dream, I’m one of the only kids that survives for longer than a month, new kids keep coming in often to replace the ones he’s killed. One day, he leaves his house. I listen for his car to drive away and when it does, I climb up to the window and open it. I’m unable to fit through the window so I start grabbing rocks and anything I could and throwing them at the neighbours window to try to get their attention. Eventually it works and I start screaming for help. I remember myself saying “He’s killed 54 kids!” and that 54 seemed like its always had lots of importance. I always wake up right here before the neighbours even speak or call 911. 

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