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Dreamed about falling in love with a guy but couldn't see his face

4 years 7 months ago #1 by katie2

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  • I'm 18 and I had the best dream ever last night about a guy I had feelings for but he was faceless.  There were a lot of broken scenes, it's kinda complicated but I'm gonna try my best to explain it.  The storyline goes like this, I just got married to a guy I don't even know and I'm currently living with his father (or brother, wasn't clear) and his two brothers.  The father was very young and around my age (I know this doesn't make any sense).  My sister is married to one the brothers and she fell pregnant.  Shortly after I found out I was pregnant too.  I was sad because I don't even know where my husband is (that has been a mystery with the whole family).  I don't know when this started but I started developing feelings for the father/brother (we're just gonna call him the brother).  I was attracted to his maturity and mentor figure role.  After I found out I was pregnant I remember switching scenes to a classroom and he was the teacher.  I was a new student and apparently the brother turned teacher didn't know.  I sat across my sister and her friend and they pulled out their homework.  I didn't do the homework because I didn't know there was one so I started to panic.  The brother/teacher finds out and calls me to follow him out.  He begins to question me about my homework and after a long moment of silence I tell him that I'm not gonna keep the child because I don't even know where the father is.  He tells me I should keep the child and raise it.  In my mind I have already made the decision to the keep the child because I secretly want to raise it with him but I spit back harshly that he did well raising his son to become a ditcher.  There is a scene change and this time the brother takes me to a windy railroad because there was mail being dropped of there and he wanted to show me something.  It turned out to be mail from my husband.  I found out that he was at war and the whole family had been keeping this from me the whole time.  There was a lot of outdated mail from him saying that he was fine but the newer ones were clearly fake.  They seemed automated and we found out that he actually died.  I felt guilty for wronging my husband and was sad about the loss.  I was glad that I decided to keep the child.  Days passed by and soon enough my sister was going in labor and everyone was rushing to help out.  Shortly after I gave birth as well and that's when the dream ended I think.  I really wish this person existed and can't seem to stop thinking about him.  I've been looking up all kinds of dream interpretations and came across this website so I decided to post my story.  Does anyone know what this dream might mean?

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