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My little sister

5 years 3 days ago #1 by minivampire

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  • My little sister was created by minivampire
    The dream began with me in school, sitting at a normal desk by the window. There was a rumour going around school about a truck with a trailer attached to it, stuck on a nearby beach. The rumour said someone was trapped inside (I remember this making me feel really scared and I needed to get there quick). 

    I made my way to the beach, the truck and trailer were already halfway underwater, the tide had come too far in. 
    I sat on the rocks, looking out at the sunset and the ocean. When someone sat beside me - it was my step-sister (Chloe), we were really happy to see each other so we hugged. I and Chloe took selfies together when I looked at them the colour was distorted and I did not look like myself. 

    I took Chloe to my house, but this house wasn't like any house I had ever been to. I made a bed up for Chloe and said she could stay with me. 

    That night, five strangers appeared in the living room - around a large dark brown table. There was another man, whose face I could not see - he was covered in black. He was offering money for plates these strangers were holding. The plates were a variety of colours, I wanted to sell them to raise money. 
    I ended up raising £800 in total, I gave the money to Chloe and she was really shocked. 

    In the morning, I was in the garden painting - a black and dark blue starry sky. Chloe joined in with me but changed the colours to yellow and red. Chloe told me her father was coming to get her, but I really did not want her to go. 

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