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Dreaming about both my ex and crush

5 years 3 weeks ago - 5 years 3 weeks ago #1 by JAAF

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  • So it’s been about a year since my ex and I broke up and I’m pretty sure I don’t have anymore feelings for him. 

    I can’t remember what led up to the dream but my friends and I (including him) were apart of this contest. Where you hold into something and if you manage to not let go as water washed over you you went on to the next round. 

    As it’s going on my Ex best friend is trying to pull me off as she has already fallen. She doesn’t, I’m in the finals facing my ex.

     We’re both very friendly, and I make a joke about something. He goes into a small rant that we’re different from others, and they’re easier to read. I tell him to ‘chill’ and we prepare for the finals.

    As I’m doing that, my crush is there helping me. I’m very happy and laughing with him as he makes small jokes. 

    Then towards the end of the dream, it’s right before the contest is going to start and we’re both hanging onto our sides of the wall.

    I say I love you. He stops talking, and we just stay there in silence until I wake up. 

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