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Dream about a guy

5 years 11 months ago #1 by GiovannnaB

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  • Dream about a guy was created by GiovannnaB
     I’m a girl,16 and I just recently had a weird dream. In my dream there was a guy and everytime I hung out with him my mood would change. He was so cute but I can’t remember what he llooked like, only that he had freckles. I also can’t remember his name but anyways he left to go buy something and I called him to tell him what I needed and he said ok. He never came back. In my school I was going to my old school, when I came back from school, there was a gift from him. It was a lot of balloons and they were so big that they couldn’t fit through the door. I then found out he died. I wasn’t sad, I was just very confused. Then I found he never existed. I sort of remember I went to a different place/island and there was 2 other people with me that were going to help me do sort of like a ritual and that’s when I found out he never existed. Apparently many people on the internet were confused about the same thing. Help me understand this.

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