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Very confused vivid dreamer

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  • Very confused vivid dreamer was created by Ashly
    I have previously moved from West Virginia to South Carolina. I am trying to obtain my diploma so I can join the U.S. Army. I often dream about one of my previous ex-lovers that I think had a great impact in my life from the age of 2 years old to now 24 years old. Although my dreams involving him are usually never of this nature. I don't usually remember my dreams to this extent after I awaken. This morning was a little different though.

    I dreamt that I was with my past lover in a house my new lover and I often visit. We were sitting in the living room but it wasn't set up like it is when I'm awake and I realized that in the dream. I don't know if this means it was a lucid dream but I remember thinking to myself in the dream "The couch isn't supposed to be this close to the wall, this is where the doorway to the kitchen is supposed to be".

    Prior to my ex-lover and I being in the living room I go into another room, this room is very vague to me, I know it's a bedroom but it is very dark. I don't have any trouble seeing in the room, as I'm looking around I find three huge zip-lock baggies. All 3 have a powdery, beige/white substance in them. I take them to a table, begin dumping them out onto the table and mixing all of the powder together. I seen the beige mixing with white, I remember there being a distinct smell to the powder as the dust rose from the pile. The powder looked very grainy and now an eggshell white color.

    Then my dream pans from there to two women leaving the house, never see their faces, only to return. Before they reach the door I see my ex-lover sitting on the couch counting money. I get suspicious and go to the table to find the pile is noticeably smaller. The substance now has shimmery brown, pink, light green, blue and gray/black hues. It also went from the original grainy texture to a very smooth, silky looking appearance.

    Returning to the living room, I am accusing my ex-lover of stealing out of the pile of powder I had on the table. He denies doing so and clearly says, "You don't wanna go there with me!". As he finishes that statement the women are returning to the house. They didn't casually come to the door of the house, they ran screaming then pounded on the front door. I seen them screaming and pointing but couldn't hear the words they were saying.

    I turn to look out the window to the right of the door to see my current lover pulling up in the gravel parking lot. Now focusing my attention to the left there is a house that sits directly behind the one I'm currently in, dream world and awake world. I see the back door of that house spring open, the two women run around the side of the back house, out comes 4-5 police officers. The whole time leading up to this I remember the living room being very well lit. Almost like natural light from the sun but the curtains were drawn.

    The men running up to the vehichle my current lover is stepping out of are dressed more like DEA or SWAT would be rather than regular street police. They run up the side of the house, with guns and tasers drawn, yelling "There he is...there he is...we've got you". Now in front of the living room window, backs towards me, they taser my current lover. As I sat watching I don't feel bothered he's being tasered but I think to myself (in the dream) "Damn they really shocked his ass!". Then I notice the entire living room has now gotten dark almost like its midnight in the living room but it's still very clear outside. Then I wake up.

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