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    The type of work I do requires me to handle huge sums of money and mecrchandise every ones in a while. my superiors has this ultimate trust in me that I always feel grateful for this and so far have never failed that trust.

    however, just recently i dreamt that some of my friends and I went into this particular home which looked kinda familiar however up till now I'm still unable to figure it out. Anyway, in the dream it seems we know who owns that house. It was all preplanned, we went straight for the bedrooms. I walked into the master bedroom and searched a lady's handbag and pulled out two mobile phones, a blackberry and a nokia.

    As soon as I placed them into my bag, the house disappears and we are standing in this street in the night and being questioned by the police. Like a movie scene with sirens and radio talk and all that.The cops searched everyone else except me, but they kept going on that they were going to call the phones to find out if we had them.

    I quickly reached in and switched the phones. Then i started to panic because I was not too sure what to do next and started regretting why I took the handsets in the first place.

    My heart started beating really fast and heavy and i knew they would find out any second. I was so scared for just stealing the handsets and that i was unable to hide them yet the cops never came and searched me. I woke up hating myself even more. I felt that i had let someone down terribly.

    so confused as to why i had that dream. :(

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