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dreamt about a samurai twice?

11 years 11 months ago - 11 years 11 months ago #1 by xxBluexx

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  • dreamt about a samurai twice? was created by xxBluexx
    I was in the hallway of this red tower. It was pitch dark and all I could see is white mist at first until the moonlight appeared. I peered out a window of one of the towers & everything I saw after the moon came out was either white,grey,red and black. I remember wearing a black yukata with a red sash and I wore no shoes. I started walking down the hall when I heard bell chimes with each step I took. The sudden sound freaked me out so I ran. But the bell chimes were getting louder and closer as I ran. When I got to the middle of the hall I saw a dark figure appear standing at end of the hallway. I stopped running fearing I would run into the person standing there. The figure was some kind of samurai with white and red pleated armor long black hair in a high ponytail. He drew his sword from his sheath & pointed it were my heart was. I was so scared. Then he said something like ("Not everyone you meet will give you a hard time.")("Forgive those who harmed you If they repent.") He probably spoke Japanese but I can still understand him? :unsure: He put his sword away to my relief. Then he seized me around the shoulders so I couldn't run away. :ohmy: He had a really stoic look on his face. He made me promise that I would'nt be like the people who downed me & hurt me. I said (I promise) but my voice was mute. He let me go with a satisfied look on his face. He drew his sword & pointed at my heart again & said ("Just in case you'll keep your promise, I will have to pierce you here.") He stabbed me in the heart. I woke up crying in my sleep. The 2nd time I dreamt of him seizing me by the shoulders again, forcing me to look in a giant mirror. He had no appearnce in the mirror except his armor. My appearance was the same in reality except the same black yukata I wore. He looked at me & said (''You didn't live up to your promise to me") I retorted angryly at him saying (It's not easy forgiving people who harmed you!) my voice was still mute. He then smirked at me and said ("your right." "But that's not the answer I was hoping from you.'') He stepped behind me and putting his hands on my shoulders in comforting way. I recall feeling so sad I started to cry. He rubbed my shoulders as way of comforting me the same way my mom did when I was upset. Telling me that I can overcome. Then he got serious & stabbed me in the heart again. I woke up crying again in my sleep. My mom died 4 months ago from heart issues. What does this dream mean? I had people in the past & present that downed me and hurt me. my mom was the only one who understood my issues.

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