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sex with not one but two other men

12 years 1 week ago #1 by AshtynZilla

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  • sex with not one but two other men was created by AshtynZilla
    I am currently in a relationship with my bf for a few months now since it is a fresh relationship and I do have strong emotional feelings for him (love) I find this dream odd.

    Last night I dreamt that I was in some hippie commune located somewhere inconspicuously in the woods. Basically hidden away, anyway I was in this hut or at least that's what it seemed to be. There were these 2 men there one of which I knew from college a few years ago. I enjoyed talking to him in reality as much as in this dream, the other man whoever I did not know, things in the dream became a little uncomfortable for me. The 3 of us had sex, very strange because I would never cheat on my bf, I'm not even interested in other men.

    Also after the sexual encounter occurred.. somehow pictures of us having sex surfaced on the internet. O.o

    I really don't know what this means, so if you could help me out that would help.


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    12 years 4 days ago - 12 years 4 days ago #2 by CC

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  • Sex in dreams is often symbolic... as is cheating, especially when you would never do so. Here are links to their definitions on this site...

    As for where you might feel as if you are cheating on your bf in waking life, the setting of the dream is also symbolic. Here's a link to help:

    As for why the pictures showed up on the Internet, here's a link to the definition of a photo in a dream: It clearly represents your feelings of guilt that everyone will find out. What they will find out (not the sex.... but what it represents), only you can say.

    Your feelings IN dreams can often help you identify what the dream is about. Feelings in dreams are never disguised, so how you feel IN the dream is how you feel about the subject of the dream in your waking life. Try to identify what was going on in your waking life that would have made you feel attracted, tempted, indulgent and then guilty. If you don't mind sharing that, we can all learn more about the symbols and why you had the dream.

    Good luck!

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