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  • Help! was created by Melmarie09
    I had a dream that I was driving down these lone country roads, with no house and all the corn fields had turned yellow and dead looking. And there were tornado funnels forming all around me and when they'd get too close they'd retract back into the sky. I wasscared and trying to race to my destination as fast as I could but I kept getting lost and none of the roads led to my destination and I couldnt even remember what my destination looked like. Then suddenly I had stumbled on a town fair and no one was noticing me until I came across these two groups of people who were shooting guns at eachother and the first group I came upon shoved me toward the other group to find out what they weredoing and the othergroup shot at me. This happened several times. The next thing I knewi was driving out in the middle of nowhere again trying to save a little girl i'd never met before and taking here underground to hide out. And just as we almost didn't get away, I woke up.

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  • Replied by CC on topic Re: Help!
    What a terrifying dream. Sadly, it is a reflection of how you feel about something going on in your waking life right now. Feelings in dreams are never disguised, so try to identify where you feel scared and lost in your waking life.

    The symbols in your dreams are very common. Once you understand their meaning, it should be easy for you to connect the dots to what is going on in your life. Here are some links to help...

    garden (variation of corn field):
    war (variation of 2 groups fighting):

    Not knowing the waking life circumstances that generated your dream, it's hard to say with certainty who is doing what to whom in your life... but you clearly feel caught in the middle of some kind of war that is going on around you in your waking life and you are scared about the consequences. These kinds of dreams are common in advance of or during a divorce.

    Once you understand what in your waking life is making you feel that way, you can take steps to protect yourself. The "warring" parties in your dream are unaware of you. If you feel safe enough to make the waking life combatants aware of how their behavior and actions are making you feel, they might take notice and change. If it's too scary to tell them outright, you might consider sharing your dream and its interpretation with them; it's often less threatening. If the situation is too charged, try to seek help from friends or other family members.

    Good luck!

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