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12 years 3 weeks ago #1 by JenBell2491

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  • Recurring Dream was created by JenBell2491
    I'm 21 and I've been having this dream for about six years or so and I'm really frustrated because I can't figure out why it would be recurring.

    I dream that I'm walking through a mall; I've never been to this mall before. Most of the stores are faceless or I can't go through them; they don't matter enough to even have a name or an entrance.

    I'm walking with a group of people; they're students like me (I've always been a student in the dream). They're talking loud and excitedly. The only figure I recognize is my sister who randomly pops in later and a teacher I once had in middle school. His name was Mr. Linney. He's wearing a grey suit with a blue shirt and a gray-pink tie. He wears glasses and has white hair. He's directing us around the mall, but I'm hardly listening; I'm too excited to go into this one part of the mall.

    This part of the mall takes a couple of steps down from the normal floor into a black corridor; there are stars on the walls and ceiling. Even the floor is black with stars. The other night, my dream ended here, but what usually happens is that everyone sits along the walls and chats for some time. Then, the teacher announces that we will have to leave soon. That's when everyone separates and goes into a random store.

    The dark room somehow weirdly transforms into a store that somewhat resembles one that I usually go to (Hastings, sort of a media/book store). I'm really excited and I'm looking at everything that's on the shelves; price has no matter and doesn't really exist. However, there's something I'm looking for; I don't know what it is and I never can find it. Then, Mr. Linney comes in to tell me that we are leaving; I say I can't go because I can't find what I want to find. He replies that I may never find it and that's when my dream ends.

    I'm really bugged because the dream has some details that really call out to me, but there are other details that I can't seem to find interpretation why would it happen in a mall or why is it that sometimes I can recognize the people in the group and other times I can't?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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