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A House And A Man(help me interpret this weird)

12 years 3 weeks ago - 12 years 3 weeks ago #1 by chels2008

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  • I've been having this reoccurring dream. The strange part of it is how it changes a bit each time I have it. It starts off the same, I'm walking down the road in front of my current house, and someone is beside me. I don't know how this person is, or if it's a man or a woman. But I have a fond feeling towards them. Our road turns from asphalt to a dirt road and passes by our neighbors huge garden. In the dream the garden is gone. It's replaced by this house. The only distinctive thing about the house at this point is that it has blue shudders. It's a little old run down house, with peeling paint. I turn to the person (who is basically a big blur) and I say "That is going to be my house."
    So a couple days later I have the dream again. The same thing happens, except this time the house has changed. It's paint isn't peeling anymore and there's a cobblestone path, it looks prettier. It still has the bright blue shudders. For some reason the shudders are very important to me. Once again I turn to the person next to me and say "That is gong to by my house."
    I have the dream a third time, this time the house is gorgeous. It seems bigger. It's got rock on it and a beautiful garden in the front. It looks like a little cottage. It also has a car port, which seems out of place. The bright blue shudders are the only thing that have stayed the same. I turn to the person beside me, of course, and say "That is going to be my house."
    I had the dream again last night , but it started differently. I'm in my current home and there's a huge party. My family's there, and my best friend, and people i know. But there's one I dont' know. In my head he's called Guy. He has blonde hair and a short stature and resembles my ex in many ways, but he isn't my ex. I feel like I love him in the dream. Suddenly the party disappears and I'm walking with guy on the road outside my house. Guy is holding my hand. We stop in front of the house with the blue shudders and Guy says "That is going to be our house." After that a bunch of weird, random things that don't seem important happened.
    I've never had a reoccuring dream where something changes every time I have the dream. What does this mean? What significance does the house have, and why do the blue shudders feel so important? Anybody have any ideas?

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