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civilised zombies lol

12 years 1 month ago #1 by kaahlove

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  • civilised zombies lol was created by kaahlove
    heey there, these were lastnight dreams. i tried to find a meaning for a dream in which i was living in a town full of civilised zombies.. and couldnt find one lol.

    There was me and some close(school/family) relations that hadnt yet turned into zombies. me and a guy friend came across a van load of babies, then for some reason we were selling them to the zombies for money(i wasnt in control of what i was doing just watching what my body was doin, pretty much.) $20,000 for one. i was talking to a zombie making a deal lol.
    i think we all had guns to protect us and the zombies knew not to touch us cause of them. later on in my dream, we went through a different town and they were going through the process of turning into zombies, like the blackness waa spreading across there faces, but the wierd thing was that they were acting normal (catching buses, buying food and clothes), although on each of their faces was a frantic worried expression,
    then later later in the dream, i was seeing a little girl jumping around happily in a street(it was like a american advertisement, sunny and fake) something was telling me that she has full makeup on, that she was a zombie. then another scene there were zombies everywhere that looked NORMAL as.

    it was wierd.... what does it mean??

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    12 years 1 month ago #2 by Stella

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  • Replied by Stella on topic Re: civilised zombies lol
    Have you checked out the meaning of zombies in a dream? Here's a link to its definition:

    Kind of explains why they are civilized... and it should help you ID who they are in your waking life.

    Be sure to check out the meanings of the other symbols in your dream...


    It all is a symbolic expression of your feelings about something going on in your waking life at the time of the dream. How you felt IN the dream is how you feltl about its subject in your waking life at the time of the dream.

    If you can share what was going on in your life at the time of the dream that seems to be related, I'll try to help you connect the dots.

    Good luck!

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