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always dreaming of him!

12 years 1 month ago #1 by kaahlove

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  • always dreaming of him! was created by kaahlove
    the whole of last year and this i keep having dreams of this one guy in my class. i use to really like him, but then i got put off, now its on and off about how i feel about him.

    well about the dreams, there always of me and him talking, having a secret affair like staring at eachother, or tryna be next to eachother, i use to dream as if hes MINE. as if he doesnt like anyone else but me, once we were in a dark room together hugging eachother, another i dreamt that he kept following me and i loved it, another he accepted that i liked him and he stood on the far on grass area just smiling at me under the glossy sun like he was proud of himself then we ended up kissing in a not yet doneup house, i dreamt he was having a talkfight with this girl he had a thing with(for reals) then he just left her then followed me wen i walked through the room, he once got hinted by one of the girls at school while washing dishes, then he glanced strait at me and i just looked back like 'dont you dare'. then everytime i woke up... i felt friken awesome hahaha

    except this one...

    once i had a dream where there was a huge earthquake in Wellington, before it i was (literally)>climbing up stairs, then he came along. the climb was difficult then the earthquake started, i had window next to me and i was looking down i saw him run accross going to save people i could hear people screaming too. but i was safe where i was.

    last night i had another dream(hadnt had one in a while) we were laughing, mock dancing too, he stood next to me in a room full of people but we were just laughing together.
    then another scene we were walking through a sandy dune path, everything was dark and grey like a foul night time.

    anyway i just REALLY wanna know whats up with this guy, ive 'known' him since primary, hes four years older then me, we only had a real talk once and that was while he was with my friend, i still think hes hot.. but i dont know.. honestly dont know...............

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    12 years 1 month ago - 12 years 1 month ago #2 by CC

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  • Replied by CC on topic Re: always dreaming of him!
    Your dreams are classic ex-crush dreams. They aren't precognitive, but they do reflect your desire to have that kind of connection and those kinds of feelings for someone in your waking life. That's what dreams about exes are all about. To better understand how they work, here's a link to the definition of an ex-crush on this site...


    The "exception" dreams you describe have a bit more going on. The symbols are common ones. They were generated by something that occurred in your life recently. For your convenience, here are links to their meanings so you can connect the dots...






    The last dream you describe reflects your sense that you don't know where the path (with him) will lead. This guy appears to symbolize what you want. But, the fact that it has never taken off, suggests that it might not happen. If you want it to, talk to him. If the sparks fly, you'll know. If not, at least you know the kind of connection you're looking for. Be social and you will surely find him.

    Be careful with your heart and enjoy the journey!

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