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Strange dream , what does it mean

12 years 3 months ago #1 by yourstruelee

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  • Strange dream , what does it mean was created by yourstruelee
    I had a dream last night about a guy that I know. He likes me alot and is hoping I decide to date him. I don't feel nearly as much as he does for me.

    In the dream , he picked me up in his car and we went for a ride. For some reason we decide to park in a church parking lot. It felt like the church service was about to begin as other people were going into the church. In the dream I knew we weren't going to go in. There was a tree cLose to where we parked. I asked him "what kind of tree do you think that is?" he said something Along the lines of it wasn't any kind of tree and that there was no fruit on the tree. I looked at the tree again and there were nice, juicy ripe pears on them. I brought his attention to it and he decided to go get one. From the car I watched him go over to the tree and shake it. One pear dropped to the ground and roller over the car and sort of hopped into my hand. I thought it was strange that it happened.

    A young boy around the age of 12 or 13 came to the passenger side of the car where my friend was sitting (I was in the driver's seat). He boy told us that we are not allowed to take fruit from the tree and that occasionally the church would use the tree but it want often. I thought I was ridiculous that such a restriction existed as the tree has more than enough pears. The boy left.

    After that, It seemed like we cut the pear in half and as I sat in the driver seat I asked him to wash his pear he do it and ate it as it was. I was upset that he didn't listen to me. I went on and ate the inside of the pear , I avoided the skin. Soon after a lady whom I never met but understood to be my friend's sister came from nowhere and got in the driver's seat. I somehow ended up in the back seat. She made small talk with me like hello and how are you But I got the feeling that she didn't like me. She drove out of the parking lot and while on the street, the back door opened and I knew I had to get out. When I got out the car drove away in a direction opposite of my house. I felt very angry that I was taken home . I was dropped off on a familiar road that I know in real life. I was about 30mins from my house . I started walking home and bumped into a friend of mine. I told her how I couldnt believe the guy I was with didn't stand up for me. I said something about how he picked me up at my house and should have dropped me off there as well. I said that it's because of thigs like this that I could never be with him. I woke up

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